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Jul 29 / boomitude

Never Stop Believin’

Who could have imagined that 30 years after Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” hit the airwaves, it would still be going on and on and on and on? It’s more popular today than it was in 1981 thanks largely to some really nice TV and film placement. As far as best use goes, we are siding with the Sopranos final episode but it is really the Gleeks that have helped make comeback history and no one could be more surprised than the band itself. Watch as original Journey-men Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon tell CBS Sunday Morning how this little song that could changed their lives and finding newest member Arnel Pineda on YouTube has given them all a whole new outlook today. And if you’re one of those still pining over the exit of Steve Perry, you’re gonna have to accept the fact that the band has moved on and start showing your step lead singer the love and respect he deserves. Because if there was ever a story to make a believer out of you, it’s this guy’s incredible journey!

But to be fair, if you’re really missing Steve Perry, click here to watch a rockin’ tip of the hat from fans at last year’s SF Giants playoff game.