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Feb 12 / boomitude

Downton Jimmy

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve sounded the horn for Jimmy Fallon and his Late Night escapades. (Even as recent as last week we touted the extraordinary performance from fellow Jim, Jim James.) It’s like he has become our very own musical valet. While he has introduced us to many a new band, he also demonstrates the proper reverence by dedicating entire weeks to masters Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen. He’s a man well beyond his years as reflected in his breadth of musicality with his spot-on impression of Neil Young serving as the pinnacle. Admittedly, we were initially drawn to the program for the music, delighted by the prospect of The Roots as house band, but then found ourselves sucked in by the hijinks. The indulging of his guests with classic parlor games like Password and Charades harkens back to our own youthful days and we have thoroughly reveled in that familiarity.

But it is their work on Downton Sixbey that Fallon and his devoted staff have indeed outdone themselves. Just like the original PBS series of a similar name, the attention to detail is exquisite. With Brooke Shields cast as the lovely wife and SNL’s Fred Armisen as the homely daughter, they have made an absolutely perfect mockery of the esteemed drama, complete with plot twists and cliffhangers worthy of Dynasty. (SPOILER ALERT: Anything that culminates in a surprise appearance by Lady Whoopi, her son Sir Questlove and a barrage of #2 jokes is truly must-see TV.) Based on the quality of the production and the performances, as well as his heralded tenure in the enviable time slot, one thing is clear. Despite his impishness and unbridled youth, Sir Jimmy has rightfully earned his place at the head of the late night table and the more befitting moniker of Lord James. We now present Episode 1 sure to leave you chomping at the bit for Episodes 2 & 3. Whether or not you are down with the real Downton, it is of course our wish you love this so much you hope to DIE HEREAAHHH!

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