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Jun 28 / boomitude

Crystal Clear

If you’re not up to date with Breaking Bad, you’re majorly missing the boat. It will go down as one of the baddest TV shows of all time. The good news is that you have a chance to redeem yourself. AMC is currently rerunning the series from the beginning or you can binge watch on Netflix. All in burning anticipation of the final eight episodes coming August 11.

It’s the kind of show that once you start, you’re hooked and soon joining the throngs of fans jonesing for more. Second only to Tony Soprano, Walter White is the most likable psychopathic family man to ever command your attention. It’s storytelling and acting at the highest level with some great use of music thrown in for good measure.

The series is not overly soundtracked but when they slip in a choice nugget like the one below, it takes on a role of its own. Without giving too much away, it comes at a pivotable moment early in Season 5, marking the beginning of the end…of the series. This cookin’ 1968 version of ‘On a Clear Day You Can See Forever’ from The Peddlers, no less, finds Walt and Jesse doing their thing and it’s sure to be remembered. Well played, gentleman. Well played.