60 Second Soundtrack: Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones has been on the road this past year playing some of her best loved songs. There are some dates still left but in case you miss it, the DVD Live in Stockholm comes out July 5th. We had the pleasure of seeing her on a night when she played her self titled debut and follow up Pirates in their entirety and it was an amazing evening of music. We chatted with her after the show and she shared what it’s been like to come face to face with the reflection of that girl she once knew. (You can listen to the podcast here.) We also asked her as an artist that has inspired so many others, where she goes to refuel her own creative tank and she said that lately she’s been digging The Punch Brothers and she also indulged us with one of her long standing favorites. If you don’t own or haven’t heard her 60 Second Soundtrack selection lately, fire it up immediately…the record, that is. It’s one of those off the charts, stars perfectly aligned listening experiences that doesn’t come along everyday.

Rickie Lee Jones