The Wild, The Innocent and The iPod Shuffle


The next time you get together with friends, instead of spinning tunes old style, why not try a game of ‘ipod shuffle.’ To play, each guest brings their ipod and one by one takes a turn as DJ and remains in the driver’s seat for as long as the crowd is pleased. The longest run as DJ wins and the satisfaction that comes with that is generally prize enough. There are any number of ways to play, but my favorite is the blind shuffle. Close your eyes, hit shuffle and let the dice roll. Round and round the click wheel goes and where it stops…….well, that’s where you are either in or you are out… decided by your competition….I mean friends. I have found that classic Bruce is usually a keeper but I have also learned the hard way that not everyone shares my love for Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King…. that is a shame. My friend Tracey, on the other hand, likes a little more control over her game so she would rather dig deep into her extensive 7,000 song collection and pull out what she feels to be the perfect tune for that moment. Understandable, seeing she is still sore from being called out for landing on “Turning Japanese.” No joke. She actually tried to defend it. What’s worse is that in pleading her case, she even referenced “My Sharona” – like that would have saved her any better. Tracey, the tribe has spoken. But it’s just that kind of randomness that I love about shared shuffling. Put it all out there…your best stuff alongside your guilty pleasures (oh, like you don’t have any?) for all the world to hear! It may just inspire you to get your game on and tighten up your playlists. Though it can sometimes turn into a blood sport (ok, maybe that’s just me), any way you play it, the sweet surprises almost always outweigh the duds, making for plenty of good old fashioned fun!!