First it was the price hike, then the Qwikster spin-off and then who could forget the infamous video apology that made you laugh and cry out loud?! If the recent twists and turns in the Netflix saga have you scratching your head, join the club. Even the most loyal fans of the once fool proof DVD rental service never saw it coming and are now left wondering if this runaway train is headed for the inevitable crash and burn. Let’s hope not, but if the whole senseless scene is bumming you out, this clip from Saturday Night Live should cheer you up….if only til the next installment. And just when you thought Blockbuster was dead and buried……..waaahaaahaaaaa!!!!

**Since this originally posted, Netflix has taken it all back and abandoned the whole Qwikster storyline. Bravo, Netflix! Though can’t promise they’re out of the woods with the folks over at SNL.