Grammy Coverage

Grammy Coverage

What does it say about the Grammys when a two minute commercial spot garners more attention than the actual awards ceremony, or is it lack-of-awards ceremony?

Sure there were some hight points. It was great seeing The Beach Boys out there as well as Bruce, Joe Walsh and of course, Sir Paul. Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston was lovely. And how about a big hats off to Glen Campbell? We had been cheering for Bon Iver and Adele all along so it’s not like their win on music’s longest night came as any big surprise.

What was unexpected however, was Willie Nelson covering Coldplay in of all things, a Chipotle ad. Amidst the spectacle topped off with the Nicki Minaj exorcism, this sweet version of “The Scientist” quietly came out of nowhere and stole some of the night’s thunder. It may have even upstaged Coldplay’s own live performance.

We especially like it because it is so tastefully done but it also offers that little element of surprise we look for in our cover tunes. Willie’s down home take on the original makes for a nice twist as does the fact that it was brought to us by the burrito chain.

Even if you saw it the first time, it’s worth a second look because should it inspire a download, proceeds from the tune benefit the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation. And really, who better to represent the organic farming crusade? Willie Nelson certainly knows a good crop when he sees one. What? The whole Farm Aid thing…what were you thinking?

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