Playing With Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

My friend Joan and I see eye to eye on a lot of things…big things like politics, yoga, Bjork and music…with one big almost unforgivable glaring exception….She ABHORS the sound of Dave Matthews’ voice. I know…it’s unfathomable to me and I almost broke up with her over it….but whatever…I’ve had to learn to let it go. It helps that she redeemed herself by turning me on to Arcade Fire and their not to be missed Funeral. I loved it immediately and they will forever remind me of her. They are finally back with a new record and last week the NY Times did a nice piece referring to them as ‘thriving throwbacks’…that’s cool. Even better….NPR is spinning the whole album in its entirety and it definitely lives up. So in case you’re wondering what comes after a wicked good Funeral? The Suburbs…of course! Oh and btw….Dave rules….just sayin’….

The Suburbs

Arcade Fire

Photo credit: Christinne Muschi